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Growing your business, is my business...

My Story

Hi, I'm Sam,

I'm not going to lie to you, I might not even be in this industry had my mother not insisted that I couldn't be a car mechanic when I got kicked out of my A levels.

I'm so glad that she did, because I was lucky enough to train at Champneys where I gained all of my international qualifications, which sent me off in a varied career spanning 26 years that has been devoted to helping people feel and look better. That's the heart of the beauty, industry and I love it.  

Since 2017, I’ve been providing professional coaching services to clients in the beauty & aesthetics industry.

Whether it's helping you build your business, change its direction, recruitment or tailor making training modules that will give your staff the tools and knowledge they need to help themselves grow as they help you grow your business.

To learn more about my approach, give me a call and let's start building your business.



Having worked with Sam on several different projects over the years, she knew my style and priorities very well, and was spot on when she introduced me to the fabulous skincare brand I partnered with when I opened my skin clinic.

On her recommendation I researched and found them to be the perfect fit, Sam always takes a logical yet personal approach to ensure she completes the task In hand, and delivers 100%.

Her many years of experience really allow her to wear the many different hats she needs to focus on what she sets out to do.

Her skill of looking at things with a fresh pair of eyes and seeing what is missing is definitely a strength, and putting that within an industry she knows and loves, is the perfect partnership.

Zoe Crowley
The Face Place

I turned to Sam when I needed support with sales skills while prepping for a job interview. Sam was both knowledgeable and supportive and I drew upon her wealth of experience. After Sam’s training I felt far more equipped to deal with the modern demands and expectations in a sales role. The whole experience was supportive, positive and met my needs. I moved forward in my career with more tools in my beauty toolkit.

Joanne Clayton

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